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The Privileged Living
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Istanbul is stunning in whatever guise, but "Premium" perfectly captures the essence of the city's charm. Piyalepaşa Istanbul Premium is located in the Beyoğlu district, considered as the beating heart of the city. Offering a high standard of living with the assurance of Polat, the complex features spacious dwelling apartments with balconies and terraces, restaurants to suit any palate, art galleries, and exclusive boutiques.

Piyalapaşa İstanbul Premium.
Experience Istanbul in premium...

For Turkish Citizenship

Piyalepaşa Çarşı
Strip Mall at Your Doorstep

Who wouldn't appreciate a relaxing distraction after a long and tiring day?

Piyalepaşa Istanbul Premium, located in the city's energetic hub, offers inhabitants a whole lot more. In Piyalepaşa Istanbul Premium, you'll find comfortable residence apartments, expansive balconies and terraces, restaurants for every taste, art galleries, and exclusive shops, as well as everything you're looking for from entertainment to fashion in this opulent living space with outdoor shopping.

Piyalepaşa Çarşı Strip Mall

Apartments for
Different Needs

Piyalapaşa Istanbul Premium's apartments, each offering unique living spaces, appeal to different needs. In addition, the ceiling height is kept above the standards in various square meters and types of apartments in the project, making the residences more spacious.

There are charging stations for electric cars in the parking garage of Piyalepaşa Istanbul Premium, where your living spaces are not limited to your apartment. Also enjoy expanding your life as you wish thanks to the private storage areas for each residence. Obviously, children are also thought of in a layout that includes inside gardens between the blocks. Children can grow up playing in a risk-free setting thanks to the existence of specialized playgrounds on 24/7 basis.


Layout Plan