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From Past to the Future

Piyalepaşa İstanbul, o hep özlemini duyduğunuz semt yaşamını İstanbul’un kalbinde sevdiklerinizle birlikte yaşamanız için, 1+1’den 4+1'e kadar değişen farklı büyüklük ve tipteki 760 dairesi ve 190 rezidansıyla sizlere kapılarını açıyor. Kesintisiz güvenlik hizmetleri sayesinde, “Eskiden mahallemiz ne kadar güvenliydi!” diye hatıralarınızda canlanan o huzur dolu günler, burada yaşanmaya devam ediyor.

*Tavan yükseklikleri 2,90 – 3,10 arası değişkenlik göstermektedir.

Daire Tipini Seçiniz

    • Entrance Hall:7,21
    • Kitchen:9,66
    • Living Room:30,20
    • Bedroom:9,72
    • Master Bedroom:17,62
    • Master Bathroom:4,49
    • Guest Bathroom:4,44
    • W.D:0,81
    • Hallway:5,75
    • Balcony 1:9,02
    • Balcony 2:2,58
  • NET ALAN 101.50 m²
  • BRÜT ALAN 117.56 m²
  • GENEL BRÜT ALAN149.42 m²

Master Plan

  • OFİS
  • AVS
  • OTEL


Construction Project

Being a quite broad concept, construction project basically covers essential engineering and architectural works. In addition, it is also possible for it to expand over various relevant fields such as urban planning, interior architecture and landscaping. It is important that construction projects, in which many variables are spread on a broad range from costs to environmental conditions and from resource management to legal responsibilities, are managed effectively in accordance with a plan by many persons from different specialties in order for the projects to be completed in a timely manner and in a way that they are meant to be. Otherwise, significant financial losses may occur as well as legal sanctions may arise.

In this article, we will briefly explain the columns of construction projects and approval processes as general information for the people concerned.

Stages of Construction Projects

The stages of construction projects can basically be listed as follows:

Architectural Project: Issues such as what type of a building will be constructed, for what purpose such building will be used and the budget necessary for the project are evaluated by architect(s) and floor plans, interior and exterior appearances and cross sections are prepared.

Static Project: In the process following the preparation and approval of the architectural project, civil engineers start static project works in a way suitable to the architectural project. The carrier systems are determined, floor and roof plans are prepared and various technical details are calculated.

Mechanic & Electronic Project: Mechanic and electronic projects are performed by mechanical engineers and electrical engineers. Floor heaters, sanitary installations, ventilation plans and elevator projects are prepared in this process.

Construction Project Approval Stages

Following the foregoing projects, applications are made to the relevant authorities with the required documents, and the approval process of the construction project is initiated. Both physical and digital applications are usually examined within ten to fifteen days.

If there are no mistakes on the documents or any other problem about the project, the relevant persons are informed that the project is approved both in written and in digital environment. Within the following thirty days, the construction license is given. In the case that there is any defect or mistake in the project, the project is returned to the relevant persons for rectification of the problems.